Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Merritt Parkway Winter Wonderland


Patricia Louise Corbett said...

I went down to Ely House to pick up my two paintings today. I will say I was quite impressed with much of the work I saw.
But, my friend, I was not impressed with anything more than I was with your large painting of the Merritt Parkway. They have given it an entire wall to itself, and rightly so. Patricia, this is the first time I have seen that painting properly hung and in beautiful light, and you hve created a work of Art, and I mean Art with a capital "A." It is truly, wonderfully astonishing in its style and masterful completion. You have drawn on everything from Gustav Klimt right on through the curvilinear style of art nouveau to create a unique masterpiece.
The colors are unusual and marvelously harmonized, and I know more about color than most.
You must devote significant time to working at this larger scale in order to do justice to and to give scope to your maturing vision. My hat is off to you, and I will be visiting that show often just to see that painting. Thank you for making it. Dennis Bell, Artist

Patricia Louise Corbett said...
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